Experience your stay and let us take care of the rest

From (fast and smart) check in to check out, and somewhere between the serenity of your room and the kaleidoscope of things to see and do in the city, our innovative services are designed to raise your visiting experience to a whole new level of comfort.

Loyalty Program -10%

Become a member of our Loyalty Club and enjoy and extra 10% discount on official rates for all direct bookings.

Free Wi-Fi internet

High-speed internet access is available to you practically everywhere inside Blue Bottle. Whether you’re waiting for your shuttle bus at the lobby or enjoying your breakfast at the dining hall, we got you connected!

Transportation from/to airport, port, railway

And in case you want to visit nearby destinations (such as Vergina or Ancient Pella for example) or to ease your transport towards and from the airport, our shuttle service is here for you.

Free parking upon request

Parking is a main issue for every big city -especially if you’re a visitor. The good thing is that every Blue Bottle guest who’s choose to make a reservation from our website or by phone, can benefit by free parking service.

Exclusive handmade products

The exclusive handmade olive oil soaps you enjoyed during your stay can also become the ideal souvenir of your visit. They are available at Blue Bottle’s store, and you can contact our reception for more details.

Breakfast area

Start your day the delicious way, even when you’re away! Blue Bottle offers you a breakfast buffet with a large variety of tasty options, full of flavors and aromas. Enjoy it in our dining hall, and experience a great beginning!

Luggage storage

In case you are checking out and you have an evening or night flight, you don’t have to spend your last day in the city wandering with your luggage as a burden. We’ve got you covered -or to say better, we’ve got your suitcases and bags safely stored.